Privacy Policy

Interested in how we collect, use and report visitor information for Then you’re in the right place! (And that means you agree to these terms. Dislike something? You’re free to leave and not use our services.) 

We’re here to share information on the spread of the new strain of virus coming from China, not to sign people up to BS offers and harass them with spam. We’re not collecting your personal contact information to sell to third parties or to use in order to develop ads.

This is not a commercial endeavor. As you can see, we don’t have an email list and don’t use affiliate links, banner ads, etc. We’ll let you know if that changes in the future.

About Our Site 

We founded this site in early 2020 to help people learn more about a devastating new illness affecting people mostly in China and those who traveled through Wuhan. That said, we’re based in the United States, so much of our information relates to the people suffering on US soil.

We try our best to share accurate, updated information.

Our heart goes out to the people of China, particularl those in Wuhan, and ohers who have been affected by this dreadful illness. Obviously, we’re dealing with a different type of problem here in the US where certain news outlets are trying to twist this into vaccine-proponent propoganda and racist rhetoric.

The panic they are creating is especially impacting young children, which is why our children were involved in creating this site.

How We Collect Information

Information is collected here through log files associated with traffic tracking software, like Google Analytics, and the bits of information visitors leave behind, called cookies. By visiting our site, you agree to those bits of information being collected, retained and used.  

Comments on Our Site 

Currently, visitors are allowed to leave comments, but they are 100 percent responsible for the content being placed online. WE are responsible for removing the content as we see fit, in addition to removing certain links.

Other people won’t be able to see the email address you use to post, but they will be able to see anything you include in your username or content. Choose wisely. People can be rude online. We are not responsible for the responses your comments generate.

Don’t include your personal contact information or any identifying messages like where you work or live. We’re able to edit comments if you include those kinds of things or others, such as sexual content, threatening, profane, hateful speech, etc. (This is not an exhaustive list.) 

About Our Cookies 

Offline, our cookies are as delicious as they come. Online? Cookies is just a cute name for user data that is stored for the site, WordPress plugins and for search engines. We use the data to help create a better user experience (so users will have a reason to stay here longer). In the future, we may store cookies for different purposes, so be sure you double-check the privacy page on future visits.

Advertising on Our Site 

At this time, we do not advertise on our site or accept guest posts or anything of the type.  

Social Media Privacy 

At this time, we do not have social media accounts associated with our website.

The Final Word on Privacy 

Sometimes, the US court system demands website owners share information on visitors. We won’t do that unless there is a court order. We can also remove your information on request.

However, is not responsible for your actions or the actions of other websites, plug-in creators, affiliate marketers, etc. If you have specific questions regarding who is responsible for something, please get in touch. (Note: The answer is probably, “Not us.“)

Last updated: 1/30/2020