U.S. to Quarantine Passengers from Wuhan

In an announcement Friday, Jan. 31, U.S. authorities said they would quarantine 195 citizens who returned home on an evacuation flight from China Jan. 29. The passengers will be held on a military base for two weeks past the date they left Wuhan. This is in response to the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring the coronavirus a Public Health Emergency of International Concern .

World Response to Stop Spread of Novel Coronavirus

Sometimes a country the size of the United States forgets it’s part of an international community. We here at Deaths From Coronavirus are happy to see that’s not the case when dealing with this illness. The world’s powers are working together to contain a virus which has spread quickly in China.

At first, authorities called for a three-day quarantine but have upgraded to a 14-day hold based on the longest incubation timeframe for the illness.

The CDC said the infection rate for American citizens remains low.